15 & 16 MARCH 2024

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WANTED: Volunteers for SABA DOET 2023!

SABA DOET is in need of YOUR willingness to help make a difference on Saba. Would you like to roll up your sleeves and lend a helping hand by painting murals, planting trees, organizing games or a dance for the elderly? If so, come and join us during SABA DOET on May 10 & 11, 2023 and be part of the biggest volunteer initiative in the Dutch Kingdom. Friends, families, colleagues, classmates and teammates are all welcome to join forces and make SABA DOET a roaring success for years to come. 

Look for interesting projects from November 2022 onwards and sign up!

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What do you gain from participating in SABA DOET?

Being a part of SABA DOET will give a positive impulse to the island as well as to you, your company, school, or whomever you volunteer with. On top of that, you are setting a great example and boosting your image. It can do wonders internally as well; it can motivate employees, broaden horizons, and present new networks. The media buzz surrounding such a well-publicized event is likely to result in positive media coverage for your company or group. Students will gain valuable experience when helping out as (first time) volunteers.

On top of that, it will surely be an incredibly inspiring and fun day! Volunteering works both ways: as the participating organizations can reach goals that day that they might not have been able to achieve without your help.

Suggest a project

You can contact us if you would like us to suggest a project. You may already have an organization in mind that you would like to help out, or you could come up with ideas based on the causes your friends and family support. You may want to lend a hand to a foundation your neighbor takes an interest in, or to the care home where a parent or differently abled child is a resident. Maybe you heard about the needs of a day care center or sports club from a friend who volunteers there. These are all good places to initiate a project or look for odd jobs that need doing. You yourself will in this case be primarily responsible for organizing the ins and outs.

NOTE: only the organization itself however can register the project online with us and only it would be the beneficiary of any funding from the Oranje Fonds. Organizations that act as volunteers themselves are not eligible for financial assistance.

Participate as a group

Do what needs to be done as a group

SABA DOET is the opportunity 'par excellence' to demonstrate your group's commitment to a better and more liveable society. Take on an engaging project with all your colleagues, friends, or teammates, or see it as a novel alternative to traditional team building events or company excursions. Your group will acquire new skills and have an overall gratifying experience. You can also do even more to assist! Offer your products or services for free, sponsor materials or provide lunch. Get your network, clients and media partners involved as well and help finish the project successfully.

Naturally, schools (whether its just one class or all the entire student population) are encouraged to participate in SABA DOET too! Consider organizing a game/sports day at a care home, renovating a playground, starting up a garden or volunteering to perform at a home for the elderly and differently abled.

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Participate as an individual

Join in with friends or family

You don't have to be a part of a specific group to participate in SABA DOET. You can join a project alone, with friends or with the whole family. There is no shortage of suitable projects for you or your group. Beach clean-ups, or sanitizing toys at the local day care are just two of the endless possibilities. The island is full of potential projects and is always in need of volunteers. Find an exciting project and sign up!

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