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ATTENTION: All local foundations, schools, clubs, and community centers! 

This is your chance to get great projects done and recruit new volunteers to your cause. Participate in SABA DOET on March 15th - 16th, 2019 and freshen up a playground or sports center, organize a dance luncheon for the elderly or give your recreational room a new coat of paint.

Signing up is easy!

If you are a local foundation, all you have to do is create an account, register your project(s), describe them in exciting detail and (ta-da!) volunteers can sign up with you and make direct contact if they choose to assist you!

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or participate as a volunteer

Roll up your sleeves and volunteer at a care facility, school, community center or non-profit organization!

Now more than ever we need as many hands on deck as possible to help rebuild our community. Participate in SABA DOET with your family, friends, colleagues, teammates or classmates. Get up close and personal with the world of volunteering and help organizations get much needed projects done AND have a great time doing it! Look our for exciting volunteer projects from January 2019 and sign up! 

  • Participate as individuals (with friends and/or family) or as a group (i.e. business, school, sports team, youth group)

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DOET Participants

Visit the respective country's website to learn more how to participate.

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Aruba DOET

184 Projects | 1,728 Volunteers

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Bonaire DOET

73 Projects | 407 Volunteers

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Curaçao DOET

340 Projects | 2,936 Volunteers

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Nederland DOET

9818 Projects

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14 Projects | 104 Volunteers

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Statia DOET

47 Projects | 283 Volunteers

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St. Maarten DOET

113 Projects | 965 Volunteers

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On Friday March 15th and Saturday March 16th of 2019, Saba Lions Club in cooperation with the Oranje Fonds will bring to you, the first edition of SABA DOET, the largest volunteer event on Saba and in the Kingdom.

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