Participate as a group


Participate as a group

SABA DOET is the opportunity 'par excellence' to demonstrate your group's commitment to a better and more liveable society. Take on an engaging project with all your colleagues / employees, or see it as a novel alternative to traditional team building events or company excursions. Your group will acquire new teambuilding skills and have an overall gratifying experience. You can also do even more to assist! Offer your products or services for free, sponsor materials or provide lunch. Get your network, clients and media partners involved as well and help finish the project successfully.

Naturally, schools (whether its just one class or all the entire student population) are encouraged to participate in SABA DOET too! Consider organizing a game/sports day at a care home, renovating a playground, starting up a garden or volunteering to perform at a home for the elderly and differently abled.

Other ways to contribute as a group

If your company or group would like to show your commitment to the Saba community in more ways than simply volunteering, we are kindly welcoming materials (like wood, paint, gloves), rental tools (ladders, drills, etc.), food/drink products for the volunteers' lunch and any other possible services you may be able to provide at a discounted rate or for free! Otherwise you can also help us by spreading the word about SABA DOET to your networks, clients and media partners.

Add your name and/or logo

When registering your group, you can add a group name or logo. Consider it an effortless way to promote your company, department, foundation, sports club, school, service club, etc.

How can you participate?

From January onwards, the “Find projects”  button will list dozens of projects that need to get done on Saba. You can contact the organization that you have selected to get more details and exchange information.

Want to know more?

We will gladly give you more information and answer your questions if you send us an email.

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Sacred Heart School
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Sacred Heart School
St Johns Road
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