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15 & 16 MARCH 2024

Participate as a group

Make a real impact and participate as a group during SABA DOET!

This is your chance to show how much your group cares about making our society better. Take on a cool project with your colleagues, friends, or teammates. It's not just volunteering; it's a fresh way to do team building or company events. You'll learn new things and have an awesome time together.

But wait, there's more you can do! Offer your skills, products, or services for free. Sponsor materials or bring lunch. Get your network, clients, and media partners involved too. Let's team up and make the project a big success!

To all schools: you're invited too! Whether it's one class or the whole student group, join SABA DOET. How about organizing a game or sports day at a care home, giving a playground a makeover, starting a garden, or performing at a home for the elderly and differently-abled?

Let's do something amazing together! Sign up for SABA DOET now and make a change!

How can you participate?

From January onwards, the “Find projects”  button will list dozens of projects that need to get done on Saba. You can contact the organization that you have selected to get more details and exchange information.

Want to know more?

We will gladly give you more information and answer your questions if you send us an email.

More ways your company or group can make a big impact with SABA DOET!

If you want to show your commitment to the Saba community beyond volunteering, we'd love your support. You can contribute materials like wood, paint, and gloves, or offer rental tools like ladders and drills. Providing food and drinks for the hardworking volunteers is another fantastic way to help. And hey, if your group has other services to offer at a discounted rate or for free, that would be amazing too!

Not up for that? No worries! You can still be of great help by spreading the word about SABA DOET to your networks, clients, and media partners. Let's make sure everyone knows about the awesome things we're doing together!

Ready to take it to the next level? Let us know how you want to contribute and be a part of something incredible.

Add your name and/or logo

When registering your group, you can add a group name or logo. Consider it an effortless way to promote your company, department, foundation, sports club, school, service club, etc.