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Chill Out Room/Sensory Zone

Child Focus would like to create a safe, serene and sensory environment for children. Instead of the traditional route of "time-outs", we would like to see children constructively use that time in the chill out room, allowing them a chance to calm down during certain situations. It will be a peaceful room, full of calming lights, soothing sounds, aromatherapy and other sensory tools. The room should help children build skills to manage stress, which they might not typically learn on their own, but which is vital to their development. Our plan is to paint and reorganize the (current music) room, put a tent/canopy/indoor therapy swing area, include fairy lights, create a sensory wall and decorate it to be more appealing to children.
Currently 2 volunteers wanted
We hope that children's behavior will improve, not only when they use the room, but that they will be able to learn how to manage stress in a positive manner, even in other situations. It may also help them concentrate better, when they take breaks in the chill out room during the activities at CF, and then return to the activity after a couple of minutes. The room will also be most beneficial to any children with special needs as they will feel comfortable and safe in the room. Some of the tools which we would be implementing (such as the sensory wall and sensory floor mats) would be specifically geared towards them.
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